The System of the A.I.E.P. Certificates

The “A.I.E.P. Certificates”, introduced in 2000, are special philatelic certificates issued exclusively by Ordinary Members of the A.I.E.P. They consist of uniform certificate forms containing the name and logo of the A.I.E.P., individually overprinted with the name of the respective expert and the areas of specialisation for which he is officially recognised.
The “A.I.E.P. Certificates” are designed as the world quality seal of philatelic expertising, as they automatically guarantee that the highest international quality standards of expertising were applied. To the stamp collector, dealer or auctioneer, an “A.I.E.P. Certificate” should represent the best available assurance that a certified item was thoroughly examined and accurately described, and its genuineness and condition verified, by a leading expert of the field, recommended by the A.I.E.P.
On issuing such “A.I.E.P. Certificates”, the expert is obliged to use his utmost care. Under no circumstances must such certificates be issued for items which, in the opinion of the expert, may be open to even the slightest doubt, controversy or possible misinterpretation.
The “A.I.E.P. Certificates” may be issued either in the form of “certificates” or “ guarantees”, as specified in article 6 of the A.I.E.P. Statutes.

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