Constant Monitoring of Quality Standards

Since the reputation of this system depends entirely on the high quality of the “A.I.E.P. Certificates,” the A.I.E.P. must safeguard that the required standards are rigorously maintained by all members who issue such certificates. Although it is the duty of the A.I.E.P. to constantly monitor the quality standards, the A.I.E.P. cannot accept any responsibility whatever for the opinions expressed by its members, as specified in article 1 of its Statutes.
In the course of monitoring the quality standards, the Board may ask any member to supply a copy of one or more of his “A.I.E.P. Certificates.” The refusal to comply with such a request may entail the recalling of the member’s unused certificate forms. Analogously, members are required to keep lists (containing the certificate numbers and subjects) of the “A.I.E.P.-Certificates” issued by them, and the Board may ask any member for a copy of such lists.
If any complaints regarding erroneous or faulty “A.I.E.P. Certificates” are received by the A.I.E.P., the Board of the A.I.E.P. shall immediately contact the member who has issued the certificate in question, with a view to obtaining his explanations. If necessary, the Board shall further investigate the case in order to acquire an impartial view of the situation.

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