Hunziker Medal


The Hunziker Medal of the A.I.E.P.
The Hunziker Medal is awarded by the A.I.E.P. for significant literary contribution, or research work concerned with forgeries or philatelic expertising, or for outstanding expertising activities.
The Medal is named in memory of the former A.I.E.P. President Hans Hunziker, in view of his great merits as an expert, researcher and author.


Recipients of the Hunziker Medal of the A.I.E.P.:

1996: Dr. Werner BOHNE, FRPSL, USA
      A. Ronald BUTLER, RDP, FRPSL, Great Britain
1997: (not awarded)
1998: Max HERTSCH, RDP, Switzerland
1999: Ing. Jan KARÁSEK, Czech Republic
      Jean-François BRUN, RDP, France
2000: Emil RELLSTAB, FRPSL, Switzerland
2001: Juhani OLAMO, RDP, FRPSL, Finland
2002: Charles ISAAC, France
2003: Dipl.-Ing. Zbigniew MIKULSKI, RDP, FRPSL, Switzerland
2004: Paolo VOLLMEIER, RDP, FRPSL, Switzerland
2005: Karl-Albert LOUIS, FRPSL, Germany
2006: Maria BRETTL, Germany
2007: (not awarded)
2008: Dr. Wolfgang HELLRIGL, RDP, FRPSL, Italy
2009 - 2012: (not awarded)
2014 - 2015: (not awarded)
2016: Alberto BOLAFFI, RDP, Italy

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