During the last Annual General Meeting of the AIEP in London (October 12. 2017), the following new experts have been elected as new members of the association (followed by the area of specialisation):

Lars Böttger, Luxembourg: Luxembourg

Claus Petry, Germany: German Empire 1875-1900, German Empire Field Post Admission Stamps

Ben Palmer, United Kingdom: Australian States Postal History to 1912

Henk Vleeming, Netherlands: Netherlands and colonies, stamps, cancellations and postal history, Indonesia till 1965

Tobias Huylmans, Germany: Memel, Lithuania 1918-1940 including Local Issues, Western Ukraine, German Occupation WW II Lithuania, Libau

Diego Carraro, Italy: 1866 3rd Italian War of Independence postal history; Italy Republic, stamps and postal history 1946-today; Julian Venetia: stamps 1945-1947; Trieste Zone A: stamps 1947-1954.

Aldo Samame, Peru: Peru Stamps and Postal History to 1900

We wish them a long and successful collaboration with the association. All the details about certificates, experts and the society can be find on the website

The President of the AIEP

Dr. Thomas Mathà FRPSL

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