The difference?

study and application since 1954

membership and affiliations

The members of the A.I.E.P. comprise the following types of experts:

  • Professional philatelic experts who regularly issue large numbers of certificates;
  • Expert philatelists who issue certificates;
  • Expert dealers and/or auctioneers who issue certificates;
  • Individual members of expert committees whereby the committee issues collective opinions, but the individual committee members do not issue certificates;
  • Experts who do not issue certificates but who are active as regular or occasional consultants to philatelists, other experts, organisations or expert committees;
  • Expert Committees.

Each member of the A.I.E.P. has the same rights and duties. Honorary membership is awarded by the General Meeting, in recognition of special merits.
In order to strengthen the bonds of mutual co-operation, the General Meeting may invite similarly engaged philatelic organisations to become Affiliates of the A.I.E.P. Affiliated organisations have neither the rights nor the duties of members.

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