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In 1998, the Board of the A.I.E.P. clearly defined the Association’s present objectives regarding new applications for membership:

An attempt should be made at covering as many „areas of specialisation“ as possible. Precedence should be given to important areas not covered by A.I.E.P. experts.
Increased attention should be placed on the international character of the A.I.E.P., by favouring applicants from extra-European countries.
Younger experts should be encouraged to join the A.I.E.P.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Board of the A.I.E.P. has started a system of actively selecting the best experts and inviting them to lodge applications for membership. The first results of this policy have indeed enriched the membership by a considerable number of highly qualified experts from around the world.

In order to become a Member of the A.I.E.P., a philatelist must have actually worked as an expert for a minimum of five years. He must be highly specialised in a given area, for which he is obviously expected to have adequate reference material.
Excellent specialist knowledge and absolute moral integrity are considered as fundamental prerogatives for becoming a Member of the A.I.E.P. The detailed ethical principles of expertising are laid down in the Statutes of the Association.

Membership application forms may be obtained from the President.

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